Yuli (eurotrashx) wrote in nazisonlj,


How did you become what you are, how'd you get these ideas of being a Neo-Nazi?

The people who most influenced me into getting ideas of being a Neo-Nazi would be my best friends. I got these ideas of being a Neo-Nazi by listening to what they had to say about Nazism/Racism and agreeing with many of their arguements and thoughts. Although I am Russian and have a deceased grandfather who was part of the communist party, I agree with many of Hitler's beliefs and support the actions he made to try to make the world a better place. I cannot stand most races such as Blacks, Chinese, Mexican, and Japenese all for different reasons I will certainly later discuss. Please understand, because my earlier family has supported Communism, this had no meaning to what I believe in now. We are the future generation, and our actions will determine our futures.


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