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How did you become what you are, how'd you get these ideas of being a Neo-Nazi? I'm not a neo-nazi. But I am pro white. I'm not truely sure how I became what I am. Most people think it has to do with parents, but that isn't true. I just hate everybody who isn't white. Niggers are just gross, have no manners what-so-ever. Same goes to the other races. What makes me most mad is when it's okay to say:"I'm proud to be black" or "I'm proud to be a mexican" But all hell breaks loose if you say: "I'm proud to be White!" I'm sick of not being able to say shit without some fucking NAACP person saying that is a racist commment. Minorities are more racist than most white people. But if they are "racist" it's there way of trying to make it in this world. Well fuck that. White Pride, World Wide!
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Yes, espaically in our so called free country.
Yea, sometimes I wish I could live in the 50's. Or before. When being white use to be a good thing. :)

(not that it's not now. That made sense right?) lol
I know what your talkin about.